Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Katie Breaks Her Leg

A very distressing thing occurred within our family on Monday, April 24, 2017. The kids were off of school for the final day of their Easter break and Amanda had them at one of those play places for kids with jungle gyms, etc. At some point, Abigail decided to take Katie down a slide with her, but she accidentally landed on Katie. Amanda reports that Katie let out a scream that she hadn't made before, and was entirely inconsolable.

After failed attempts to calm Katie down and some deliberation on the matter, Amanda took Katie into Emergency to get her leg checked out. We were worried about a broken leg. (I, Ryan, was at work while all this occurred).

Amanda had to wait several hours before she could be attended to in any meaningful way (thanks, socialist healthcare system in Canada). But finally they were seen by a doctor and X-Rays were ordered. Amanda said that she had to lay Katie down on a narrow table and strap her down to get some X-Rays. Initially, the Emergency Room doctors didn't see anything wrong in Katie's X-Rays. But after the doctors consulted with an X-Ray specialist, he confirmed that Katie had two buckle fractures - one in her femur and the other in her tibia.

A buckle fracture is a fracture unique to small children. Since their bones are so soft, they don't break like dry wood the way an adult's bone would. Instead, sometime pressure on the bone causes it to squish and make a ripple or "buckle" in the bone.

Abigail, upon hearing the news of the broken leg, started crying uncontrollably out of guilt. We assurred her that it was merely an accident and that Katie would be okay.

But now we have a baby with a broken leg just days before Abigail's sixth birthday. Poor Katie had a broken bone before she even turned one year old. :(