Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Ward Family Visits Texas

Here I am.  I am back.  After about 3 years hiatus from blogging, thanks Ryan for taking over, I am back.  
Back in the end of July and beginning of August Deidre, Trevor and Krista came out to Austin.  We were very excited to have our first visitors so soon after moving.  They arrived Saturday afternoon and had to leave for Dallas Sunday morning.  Saturday for dinner we took them to South Austin to a restaurant called Salt Lick.  It is a authentic Texas BBQ and has a fun atmosphere where you can eat outside and there is live music.  We didn't eat outside though, the lineup for outside eating was crazy so we opted for inside and were seated immediately. The kids loved having Auntie Deidre, Uncle Trevor and Krista around.
Sunday Deidre and Trevor were preparing to go to Dallas and Abby wanted to go with them.  Of course they agreed and said she was more then welcome.  Unfortunately Josh had wanted to go too, but he didn't say anything until they had left so he was stuck home with us.  Abby was so happy and so spoiled with them for the few days she was with them until I went and met up with them.

 Josh, McKay, Katie and I went up and met them on Tuesday.  Originally my plan was just to spend one night in Dallas and come home but Trevor talked me into staying an extra day and I am glad I did.  The kids had a blast and this time Josh got to stay longer with Deidre and Trevor (Abby did too).  The entire reason Deidre and Trevor came to Texas was so that Krista could play on her softball team at Nationals which was held in Plano.  It was so fun to watch Krista and get to know her better.  We may have had a bit too much fun at times!

On the first night in Plano we were hanging out in Deidre and Trevor's hotel room and unbeknownst to any of the adults I told McKay he could have a few Oreo cookies, Trevor gave some cookies to McKay and Deidre sent him home with three cookies.  So in the middle of that night I woke up to McKay whining and whimpering and just unsettled.  So I brought him into bed with me and shortly after that I woke up to him puking everywhere.  Black vomit.  It was disgusting.  I had to call down to the front desk and then wait about 20 minutes for the front desk to bring new bedding up for me.  

 When we returned to Austin we all went to the caves that are under Round Rock, where we live.  It was fun and surprisingly hot down there.  

That night just the adults (Krista included) went downtown Austin to check out 6th Street.  That was interesting.  It was blocks and blocks of just bars.  Totally not our scene but fun to experience.  


We enjoyed our time with Deidre, Trevor and Krista so much.  Wish it could be more frequent that we see each other.  Uncle Trevor successfully got Abby completely loving softball (in fact she now is on a team and doing great!).  Both Abby and McKay just cried and cried when we dropped them off at the airport.  We can't wait for the summer and hopefully we can make a trip to California.