Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Archery Tag

[Posted by Ryan]: For some time I have been wanting to try Archery Tag. That is a game where you and a group of people shoot padded arrows at each other like a game of dodgeball.

I got the idea from seeing advertisements come through my email account from a discount organization through my work. So Amanda went ahead and organized it. On Saturday, February 24, us and a group of old Calgary friends, as well as some newer Airdrie friends, went and played at Archery Games.

In short, the experience was incredibly exhausting, frantic, and a total blast. It reminded me a lot of paintball, but it hurts much less. That makes me want to take Josh and others on a father-son outing. I think he would really enjoy it.

For a few days afterward, both Amanda and I had very sore legs and it hurt to walk and crouch. But it was a reminder of the fun time that we had.