Monday, August 14, 2017

Josh's 9th Birthday

On Saturday, August 12, 2017, Josh turned nine years old. I (Ryan) took him to a paintball place in Strathmore; we had seen a booth for it at the Calgary Stampede earlier in the summer and he expressed a strong interest in playing. So I bought some vouchers for him and we went.

The whole day was supposed to last from 9:00-4:00. We got there just before 9:00am, and not too long afterwards, Lee and Clark, father-son friends of ours arrived. A little while later, Kendrick and Ryan, another father-son duo who we invited, showed up, too.

The gear was heavy, especially for Josh, and I tried to help him out by putting his heavy belt with all its gear around his shoulder instead of his waist. But not long into the game, he got shot by some painful shots and went sobbing to the "out" area where "dead" players go. He became very uninterested very quickly as a result of the pain from paintballs.

So Josh ended his paintball experience early. Not long after that, his buddy Ryan had similar feelings and the four of us - two father-son pairs - went to McDonalds for lunch. Lee and Clark stayed for the entire day and they loved it! So we let them have all of our left over paintballs.

Here are pictures of Lee on in the paintball arena. He was really good at it, and enjoyed himself a lot.

Later on the same group collected at our house, and we had a pizza party and the kids played video games in the theatre room in the basement.
Some of the gifts that Josh got for his birthday were: the "Alien" Quadrilogy on DVD, that "Boss Monster" card game, and various Predator, Alien, and Terminator action figures.
We have felt very fortunate that Josh has met his new friend Ryan at Church. The boys have very similar interests, are kindred spirits and love spending time with each other. This is a very welcome scenario, after having so many troubles with trying to get Josh to make friends since we moved to Airdrie.