Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Canmore and Waiting

[Posted by Ryan]: This Saturday, September 15, 2018, our family woke up and did some major cleaning of the house, with a lot of prodding involved with the kids. Afterwards, we drove the kids to Canmore. Amanda and I had discussed that a visit to Canmore might be a good use of our Saturday for the following reasons:
  • We weren't sure if we were going to be living around here anymore, and in case we weren't, we wanted to make a trip to the mountains. It could be our last trip to the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Alberta for a long time.
  • Even if we didn't get the job we're hoping for, it is still probably the last weekend we can have a relatively nice trip to the mountains. Winter is coming early this year; you can really feel it in the air, and there won't be much of good weather left this year.
  • Amanda and I discussed Canmore after she had a massage learning development day there. Some advantages it has over Banff are: It is closer to our home, it is much less busy, and you don't have to pay to get in.
After arriving at Canmore, it was already past lunch from our morning spent cleaning, so we went straight to a Poutinery that had been recommended to us. The poutines were okay. It was a nice time spent with the kids, though.

It never really did warm up that day. It was well under 10 degrees Celcius the whole time we were there. Despite that, we walked the town as a family and saw interesting shops, as well as quaint neighborhoods.

Here are the kids at a candy store on the main street. We bought them some overpriced candy, which made them happy for the time being.

We continued on our walk from the candy store. Here are the kids playing at this weird head statue poking out of gravel.

Afterwards, we walked through some neighborhoods of Canmore, and when it got too cold, we got in the van and drove around. After a bathroom break, we drove for home, satisfied that we had enjoyed a wonderful family afternoon together.

On Sunday, I got to be the substitute teacher for Gospel Doctrine class, and the lesson was on Jonah and Micah. So I put together a nice PowerPoint presentation, and signed out the flatscreen t.v. from the library. I think it went really well. I even had a person from the ward call me the next day just to let me know how much their wife loved my lesson. I love that calling. It was refreshing to step into it again.

Even with the wonderful time we had as a family at Canmore, and the great time I had teaching Gospel Doctrine, heavy anxiety still hung over me like a spectre for the whole weekend. I had still not heard back about a job opportunity that was in the works for me. Truthfully, I've been a big ball of anxiety for several months of this year, ever since things became rather unpleasant for me at work, continuing up until right now at the time of writing this post. It never goes away. It has been torturous.

Then, finally, on Sunday evening, at the very close of the weekend, it happened. We were watching a funny movie together as a family when I was notified via LinkedIn by my contact in the company I'm trying to get a job with, that I had the opportunity for an interview the afternoon of the next day (Monday). I took it. I prepped for it, and we had the interview. Honestly, I'm not too sure how it went. I think I gave reasonably good answers, many of which they seemed satisfied with. But they hammered me with questions - it was not an easy interview. And it was supposed to be a Skype-style interview, but for some reason, we couldn't get the video working, so it was basically like me having a phone conversation with three people.

We're hoping so much that this will lead to a job offer. But we have to wait 2-3 business days to really find out (unless my man on the inside can get me some intel sooner). We're on pins and needles with all the waiting we've been doing for months and months, and now it is heightened considerably, because we reached the do-or-die point. By this weekend, we'll either be extremely elated, or absolutely devastated.

Here is Abigail and Katie with the neighbor girl Danica. She is a sweet little girl who loves Abigail and Katie. They made "memory books" together, with photos and drawings for each other, in case we do get the job and move.

Sweet little Abigail was asking me about every twenty minutes the evening following the interview if I found out whether I got the job yet. Both her and Josh are excited about the possibility of the move, but there are, of course, some mixed feelings about leaving behind good things, like friends.

I hope so much that I do not disappoint my family, and that we can have a fresh start.