Saturday, September 7, 2013

Elder Taylor Ward

I'm not sure I've have written anything more difficult then this.  On Tuesday evening, September 3, around 9:00P.M. I received a phone call from my brother-in-law Chuck telling me that my nephew Taylor had been in a serious car accident and was on life support not expected to live.  I couldn't believe it.  I wouldn't believe it.  Not Taylor. Not Taylor.

I immediately called my mom. She confirmed it.  I called Deidre my sister and Taylor's mom.  She answered, "hi, Mandy," "Deidre?" I said and heard sniffling.  I told her I was so sorry and she told me she knew I was.  She then had to go because her youngest daughter Krista just got home and they had to tell her.

At this time my two little munchkins were still up and Ryan was upstairs telling them what had happened.  I went upstairs and found the three of them knelt down in prayer by Josh's bed praying for comfort and that Taylor would be ok and that Deidre and Trevor and Brandon and Krista would be ok too.  I couldn't control myself and I sobbed and sobbed.  Once I gained control I told Ryan I had to go to be with Deidre and Her family, but also to be with Taylor.  After a quick phone call to my BFF Alyssa I packed the kids and was on my way to Coaldale to leave the kids with Alyssa while I made the trek to Pocatello Idaho, where Taylor was serving his mission.

In such a haste to leave I forgot my passport and didn't realize it until I was almost to Claresholm.  So I had to turn around and drive back to Calgary.   I had my sister Kim on the phone getting her to check out flights for me to get back home.  I was driving down with my parents and going to fly back to Ryan and the kids.  We cried together and were just I disbelief.  At almost two o'clock in the morning as I was still driving to Coaldale Kim phoned again and said she had just read the Idaho state police report and it said that Taylor had succumbed to his injuries after arriving at the hospital.  All she said was, "he's gone!" I told her no it wasn't possible. I wouldn't believe it,  not Taylor!!  He was too good.  Too good to go.  We cried and cried.  When we finally hung up I sat there as I was driving and felt the most incredible peace come over me.  I knew he was there with me.  Giving me comfort for his death.

I got to Coaldale around 3A.M. Wednesday morning.  Dropped the kids off with Alyssa and drove out to my parents house.  I got to my parents house we packed their vehicle and left. On the drive down a lot of tears were shed.  A lot of disbelief was still there.  We found comfort in knowing Taylor's mission in this life might be over but it is just starting in the next life.  He was only on his mission for two months exactly when he died.

We arrived in Pocatello at the hospital at 2:30P.M. And waited for Deidre and Trevor and their kids and Kim and Dan and their kids to arrive. We all went up to the ICU and saw Taylor who we found out was alive on life support.  The police report was wrong on many levels. The police report also stated that elder Floyd who had been driving failed to yield at the stop sign which did not happen.  Taylor had so many tubes attached to him.  He was lifeless.  We knew he was there physically and spiritually but we knew he was gone.

There are so many details I would like to write and will but when I am on my computer, not my iPad.

Deidre and Trevor agreed to donate all his usable organs because they knew he would want to help others if he could.  We learned that to donate it takes up to 48 hours to prepare his body.

We said our final goodbyes and kissed him on Thursday. It's hard to believe I won't see him again and that Abby and Josh won't remember or know him.  He left a larger mark and impression on me than anyone else I have met.  I loved him.  I still do.  I will forever love him and remember him.  I will honour his memory and I will work my butt off to make sure that I can see him again and live forever in our family unit together.

Deidre's friend and visiting teaching partner is a silent angel. Please see this website and donate to help my sister and her family.

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  1. I am so, so sorry to hear about your family's loss. I wish something I could say could make it better - I know that it can't.
    I know Heavenly Father supports us all in our times of need. Hopefully you all can feel strengthened and supported.
    Thinking of you guys.