Monday, April 10, 2017

Second Motorbike

Last Friday (April 7, 2017), I was cruising the motorcycle ads on the local buy n' sell and came across an awesome deal: A 2005 Yamaha Road Star Silverado 1700. That night we went to go and see it with the three younger kids. It sure was beautiful. It had white wall tires, custom Vance & Hines pipes, a custom air box, a custom luggage rack, an after-market tachometer, extra little headlights flanking the main headlight, saddle bags, studded leather, and an eagle "hood ornament" on the front fender. It was a two-tone color of silver and goldish, although the color can appear to shift and look almost grey and white at times, depending on the lighting.

I had been wanting a Honda VTX 1800 for a long time, but I had a lot of moments where I would waffle back and forth between that and a Kawasaki Vulcan or a Yamaha Road Star. VTXs are powerful and fast, but in my opinion, not quite as nice looking as the Road Star I was looking at. VTXs are also a little more expensive than the other two options.

The seller was asking what must have been $2,000 lower than the market price. It was a screaming deal.

I wanted to get a second motorcycle, but it seemed like something that needed to come down the road. But after considering all that we could get for the amount the seller was asking, the rarity of such a deal, and just how well the bike would fulfill my desire for a great touring bike, we caved and went for it. We had already decided to get it before we even made the drive back home.
The next day (Saturday, April 8,2017), we went back to pick it up. That day I took both Abigail and Josh on rides, and then Amanda. I took Amanda out to the Masonic Lodge in Crossfield and showed her around.
I'm very happy with my new bike. For a long time I've been wanting a nice touring cruiser that I could take Amanda or the kids to places on. And I love bikes with a two-tone color scheme. It looks very good, it rumbles loud, and it has guts. Road Stars are air-cooled and belt-driven, which is much different from the other bikes I have ridden. But I think it's going to be a lot of fun. 

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