Thursday, August 3, 2017

Angry Lady in the WalMart Parking Lot

I (Ryan) had an interesting thing happen to me yesterday (Wednesday, August 2, 2017). I went to WalMart to pick up new contact lenses and contact solution. When I was done, I got into my truck and began to drive away, along the crosswalk portions of the parking lot. As I was driving, there was traffic coming in the opposing direction, I saw movement of a woman running toward my truck, out from between the traffic, in my rear view mirror, then I felt a loud "whap" on my truck, because she hit it with her hand.

Well, my first instinct was to keep on driving, but as the seconds rolled on, I became angrier about the whole thing. Why would she dart between cars like that? She should be more careful when crossing instead of resorting to laying a violent hand on my truck.

So I whipped around through the parking lot and drove down until I found her. She had just got into her car, and I pulled up behind her, boxing her in to her parking stall. I sat there for several minutes waiting for her to exit her car and have a conversation with me. She just sat there, with an angry look, her head on her forehead, while she muttered things to herself.

This was pretty amusing to me.

After a while, I called Amanda and told her what happened and what I was doing, and how I was waiting for her to come out and have a civil conversation with me. Amanda suggested that I get out and go talk to her - something that strangely didn't occur to me until she made the suggestion. So I did.

I got out of my truck, left it parked to keep her boxed in, and approached her window. She was ignoring me, muttering even faster. I knocked on her window. Nothing. Then I said, "Don't you want to have a conversation?"

To that, she rolled down her window. She was a very plain looking woman, not at all pretty. But she did have a fairly nice wedding ring on her finger. When I saw that I automatically pitied the poor fool who spends his life with this angry, unattractive woman.

The first thing she said was, in an angry tone, "Are you going to let me out so I can see my child?!" She had an empty car seat in the back of her car.

"I just want to have a conversation," I said.

She then went into a bit of a tirade, saying things like, "You almost hit me! You cut off four other people!"

To which I said, "I didn't see you."

She claimed that I sped up when I got to the crosswalk, no doubt simply to spite her.

I told her that I thought hitting my truck was "uncalled for."

To this, the woman started screaming again at me, saying, "Uncalled for?! You trying to run me over was uncalled for!"

"Look," I interjected (I was getting annoyed, and it was probably showing), "I didn't 'try' to run you over, lady!"

With this, she rolled up her window in digusted and continued muttering and shaking her head. I said to her through her closed window, "Being nasty doesn't always get you what you want: like right now. I'm sorry if you're late, but you sort of brought this on yourself."

I then got in my truck and drove away. I got the feeling from the woman that she is the type that doesn't control her emotions well, and thought that she could take her anger out on me with absolute impunity. She was wrong, because she got a confrontation out of that.

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